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God of Thunder is a footwear concept designed for the Norse god, Thor. Gold TPU wings welded on either side allude to the winged helmet Thor is often depicted wearing. Like Viking armor, red leather forms the shoe's upper. Designs based on Viking woodcarvings crown the vamp while scales from the Midgard Serpent form the tread. Finally, the silhouette of Thor's hammer is unveiled when viewing the shoe from behind.

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Inspired by the 80s, The Bomb Diggity features a 4D knit sock construction highlighted by a retro color scheme. Embossed leather and gore straps hold the foot in place while the heel counter in the back offers additional support. Mixtape labels are knit to the pull tabs, and the silhouette of a cassette tape is stitched to the backstrap. Clear TPU vents and a galactic EVA insert in the sole borrow from arcade aesthetics and sports car designs of the time.

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